serge & jane serge & jane

serge & jane

From $65.00

Joe's Pizza Joe's Pizza

Joe's Pizza

From $50.00

hotel okura hotel okura

hotel okura

From $65.00

white horse white horse

white horse

From $65.00

india pink india pink

india pink

From $65.00

Classic Frames

In three sizes, three colors, and three prices. Small, medium, large. White, black, chrome. $175, $225, $300. It's that simple.
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Send us photos, and we'll help you curate a perfect gallery wall.
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Made to Order

In Brooklyn & Los Angeles, with hands, care, and plastic-free packaging.
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She's too Good

Size M, White Frame
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India Pink

Size L, Chrome Frame
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Serge & Jane

Size L, White Frame
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Green Ties

Size M, Chrome Frame
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For Your Guestroom is an online shop that works with creatives and photographers to get good art off your phones and on to your walls.

We help cure your white wall anxiety by providing affordable prints in custom frames.

We don't believe in editions and arbitrary pricing. Everything you see, from every artist, is made-to-order and priced based on size.

Have you ever taken something to a framing shop and been overwhelmed by the options? We created three classic frames so you don't have to.

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Tell a story on your walls

Explore works by eight different artists.

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